While membership is open to all, members typically involve those with the same sept/surname that is shared by the Donnachaidh Clan.

The main surname used by Clan Donnachaidh is Robertson, which is also used by the present chief’s family, though other names are associated with the clan, the most common being Duncan and Reid. Other names associated with the clan may include:

Collier Donica MacConnichie MacRobbie Robison
Colyear Donnachie MacDonachie MacRobert Robson
Conlow Duncan MacInroy MacRobie Roy
Connachie Duncanson MacIver MacWilliam Stark
Dobbie Dunkeson MacIvor Reed Tannoch
Dobieson Dunnachie MacLagan Reid Tannochy
Dobinson Inches MacLaggan Robb
Dobson MacConachie MacRob Roberts
Donachie MacConlogue MacRobb Robertson

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